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Supply Chain Analytics

Spend Analytics

Our spend-analytic models and solutions enable the clients to look further into the line level information and analyze with greater accuracy on the amount spent, vendor performance, SLAs revisions and other metrics. Our solutions identify specific areas for cost reduction opportunities.

There are certain challenges that can be estimated, be it a poor quality of data or lack of analytical resources. With ECS, your organization can save money and gain efficiency by putting real-time data analytics to work at every stage in the source-to- pay process.

You can:

  • Optimize your spending processes.
  • Identify opportunities and risks.
  • Track your progress against the goals you have set.

Logistics and Routing Analytics

ECS provides a 360-degree approach to your logistics and route analysis including Physical Operations Analysis such as load allocation, route mapping and constraint Analysis such as operational issues, customer locations.

We focus on providing an extensive analytical solution to your logistics needs and assist you with optimal routes within the constraints through various nodal points in your supply chain while incorporating their dependencies on vendors and partners. We commit ourselves in providing you with accurate forecasting, capacity planning and scheduling systems to create robust processes.

Demand, Inventory and Replenishment Planning Analytics

  • Detailed demand forecasting (suppliers-manufacturers-distributers-retailers) by factoring in the seasonal effects.
  • What stock should we hold and where should we position it?
  • Optimize safety stock level.
  • Optimize the inventory budget.
  • What, where and when should we ship?

Procurement Analytics

  • Factor complete and timely deliveries, quality of materials, and time and effort to resolution on problematic orders in addition to lowest cost.
  • Optimize discount levels and forecast financial liabilities.
  • Supplier relationship management- vendor score, purchase order value and volume.

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