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Risk Analytics

Credit Risk Analytics

We perform data analysis and pre-processing credit scoring; PD and LGD estimation and forecasting, low default portfolios, correlation modeling and estimation, validation, implementation of prudential regulation, stress testing of existing modeling concepts.

We aspire to providing the lenders with a complete profile of the customer and insights to that enable them to predict customer behaviour. By using these methods, lenders can save time, money and resources to target the right customers and predict the risk involved.

Customer lifestyle and behavioural data are highly effective in predicting the risk level. Our main responsibility is to evaluate loan applications and determine who is likely to pay off their loans or access whether it's a good deal.

Operation Risk and Fraud Analytics

A Fraud Analytics Platform in ECS provides an end-to-end and flexible approach for wisely detecting enterprise-wide frauds. Highly performing organizations usually see risks as major opportunities rather than threats that questions the existence and effectual functionality.

This is where risk analytics outstands, here you can forget the fear. Insights are generated rapidly to improve your decision-making process by providing you with quick and easy access to a range of sophisticated analytics solutions, services, and resources.

Financial and Non-financial institutions everywhere are under constant attack from agile criminals who exploit vulnerabilities of traditional systems. They do not have adequate defence against multi-dimensional attacks.

Investment Risk and Analytics

We help you improve your decision-making capabilities and investment risk oversight with risk management and reporting service.

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